French leasing

Enjoy the benefits of financing your boat through SYSFINANCE

The french leasing is a flagship product in nautical financing that allows you to hire purchase a new boat. SYSFINANCE offers its clients several possibilities and options, in order to provide the best solution from a fiscal and financial point of view. Its team of professionals, with a wide experience in the nautical sector, will analyze your situation and come up with a personalized solution.


· Down payment between 30% (minimum) and 50% (maximum).

· Choose the duration that suits you best, from 3 up to 12 years.

· Be the lessee and owner of the boat.

· At the end of the contract, the boat ownership will be transferred to you for a pre-established amount.

· If needed, you will be able to transfer the leasing and financing contract and subrogate the financing to a third party.

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